Welcome to Help4Bupsa Nepalhilfe e.V.

Bupsa is a small villlage close to the Mt. Everest tourism, just about a 2 days walk away below Lukla. Today only very few tourists are passing through the village. 

My goal is to support the local children of Bupsa, the local school and other, very poor people of the village.

That is why I founded the charity organization “HELP4BUPSA”.

I will bring every single Euro that comes to my organization to Nepal personally. Chong Bi, now 25 years old and a successful climber of Mt. Everest, takes care of all donations. I can assure you that all donations will be forwarded to Nepal to 100 %. I will pay all administrative and travel expenses out of my own pocket. I guarantee for that. 

Wie alles Begann…

In 2010 I traveled to Nepal for the first time. I was as a simple tourist and trekker and wanted to hike to Everest Base Camp at 5,365 meters altitude.

The only 15-year-old Chhong Bi Sherpa was assigned to me as a my guide. The other participants of my travel expedition wanted to climb a mountain, but I preferred to go to the site where the Everest expeditions start.

During these four days outside the group, our duo became a kind of “father-son” relationship, which now extends for more than ten years.

Since 2009, I have visited Chhong Bi and his village Bupsa more than ten times.

Unsere Ziele

Currently our main goal is to build up and set up a school library in Bupsa.  Furthermore we support poor families and children with school fees and provide them with learning materials.

We already organized internet access and donated  several notebooks for the school.

We are also planning to delegate students from Germany to Bupsa to teach the children in English language.

Doctors and nurses are sent to trainings for specialized treatments in the Bupsa area.

What you could do:

Donate !  – each cent goes to Bupsa, I guarantee for that

Donations to::

Volksbank Backnang
„Nepalhilfe Help4Bupsa“ e.V.
IBAN: DE95 6029 1120 0109 2220 08


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